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Biantara Jaya Services

PT Biantara Jaya Services is a company specializing in passport issuance and processing services. Committed to providing the best service to its clients, PT Biantara Jaya Services has built a strong reputation in assisting individuals and families in obtaining passports easily and efficiently. The professional and experienced team in this company is ready to provide assistance at every step of the passport issuance process, from document collection to the completion of all necessary administrative procedures.

With swift and reliable services, PT Biantara Jaya Services has become a trusted partner for those in need of passports for various purposes, such as business travel, vacations, or studying abroad.

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The best quality service and fast and efficient work, we have competitive price offers.


Formalities Management with Over 20 Years of Experience Combined with a Team of High-Quality Staff.


Providing the best service has always been our priority to ensure client satisfaction.


Fast and efficient service with top-notch consultations, complemented by strategically located branch offices for document services.