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Biantara Jaya Services, as a leader in formalities services, has evolved into a brand synonymous with reliability. Since 2010, we have played a crucial role in providing services for the processing and creation of essential documents such as passports, visas, work permits for Foreign Workers (TKA), and other document legalities. Supported by over 20 experienced experts, we have successfully served more than 220 clients, with each action reflecting our dedication.

Our success is engraved in the satisfaction of our customers and the integrity we hold dear. PT Biantara Jaya Services is a reliable partner in facing business formality challenges, offering smoothness and efficiency in every step. We are committed to consistently providing quality services and maintaining customer trust as the primary foundation for building long-term relationships.

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PT Biantara Jaya Services

PT Biantara Jaya Services, established on March 10, 2010, is the fruition of the vision and extensive experience of Mr. Partomuan Siregar in the field of formalities services for over 20 years. Since its inception, the company has embraced the vision of becoming the most reliable and recognized Indonesian formalities consultancy across various regions. This vision serves as the foundation for every action we take.

Our mission reflects a commitment to provide quality services with customer-satisfying solutions. We continually innovate by evaluating work systems and implementing the latest technology to enhance efficiency. Additionally, we uphold the principle of maintaining a positive corporate culture where integrity and trust are the main pillars. With unwavering dedication, PT Biantara Jaya Services strives to live up to our vision and mission in delivering the best services to our customers.

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Pembuatan dan Perpanjangan Paspor
Passport Issuance and Renewal Services

We provide fast and efficient Passport Issuance and Renewal Services.

Perizinan Legalitas Perusahaan
Company Legal Licensing Services

We provide fast and efficient Passport Issuance and Renewal Services.

Foreign Embassy Assistance
Foreign Embassy Assistance

PT Biantara Jaya Services also provides services as a companion to foreign embassies.

Perizinan Tenaga Kerja Asing (TKA)
Foreign Workers' Permitting

PT Biantara Jaya Services provides services for the management of Professional Foreign Workers and also offers fast and professional expatriate work permit processing.

Perizinan dan Pengurusan VISA
Visa Permitting and Processing Services

Visa Management Services for Outbound Travel for Indonesian Citizens, as well as Business and Family Visas for Foreign Workers.

Airpot Handling Services
Airpot Handling Services

No need to worry upon arrival at the airport; we are ready to assist by providing a pickup service that will handle all administrative matters on-site.



The best quality service and fast and efficient work, we have competitive price offers.


Formalities Management with Over 20 Years of Experience Combined with a Team of High-Quality Staff.


Providing the best service has always been our priority to ensure client satisfaction.


Fast and efficient service with top-notch consultations, complemented by strategically located branch offices for document services.